Online Annotations

During the semester you will engage in online annotation and dialogue over one of our readings. We will use the tool in order to do our annotations and exchanges.

Class Engagement

This course requires us to be present for each other. This doesn’t mean speaking during seminar. You really don’t have to if you don’t feel like it. What’s the point of requiring you to? That said, it is important that we are there for each other, helping each other out, doing our part, asking questions when we don’t understand something, answering them when we do. For the duration of the semester we are a collective, the team we have—Yankees or Bad News Bears, we are what we got.

Midterm Review

In this exercise you will choose a public digital humanities project and write a brief review.

[Details and criteria to come…]

Collective Research Project

In this group exercise you will build a relatively simple digital humanities project with a team. In the process of doing so you will practice many of the skills you will learn during studio hours this semester, and experience the ins and outs of working with others on a shared research project. This assignment will be contract graded.

[Details and criteria to come…]

Scholarly Pitch

In this exercise you will propose a dream (digital) scholarly research project to a potential funder.

[Details and criteria to come…]