Week 0 | Wednesday, August 31

Inaugural Lecture by Prof. Alex Gil

Week 1

Everything, Everywhere, All At Once: The (Digital) Cultural Record

☛ Because of Labor Day, Studio and Seminar will be in reverse order this “week.” Studio will be on Friday, September 2, and our first seminar will be on Wednesday, September 7.

Studio | Friday, September 2
Seminar | Wednesday, September 7

Week 2

Letters: Surface and Depth, WYSIWYG… or not.

Seminar | Monday, September 12

☛ Look over at leisure: Unicode 1.0.0

Studio | Wednesday, September 14

Week 3

Documents: Files, Types and Cabinets

Seminar | Monday, September 19

☛ Examine: Your file system and storage

Studio | Wednesday, September 21

Week 4

Editions: The Point is to Change It

Seminar | Monday, September 26

☛ Examine: The Shelley-Godwin Archive; The Rosetti Archive

Studio | Wednesday, September 28

Week 5

Bibliographies: Search Results, Works Cited, Syllabi, Catalogues, Shout-outs and If You Liked This Maybe You will Like That

Seminar | Monday, October 3

☛ Examine: The Open Syllabus Project; Goldsby, Jacqueline, and Meredith L. McGill. “Black Bibliography Project.”

Studio | Wednesday, October 5

Week 6

Data: Given and Taken, Where the Wild Things Are.

Seminar | Monday, October 10

☛ Examine: The Viral Texts Project; (Un)Silencing Slavery

Studio | Wednesday, October 12

Week 7

Libraries: Exhibits, Archives, Collections, Databases

Seminar | Monday, October 17

☛ Examine: La Gazette Royale d’Haïti; Colored Conventions Project

Week 8


Midterm Chat | Monday, October 24
Studio | Wednesday, October 26

Week 9

Poesis: Digital Storytelling, Electronic Literature

Seminar | Monday, October 31

☛ Examine: The Electronic Literature Collection

Studio | Wednesday, November 2

Week 10

Dusting: Time Capsules

Seminar | Monday, November 7

☛ Examine: The material world around you. I know, I know. Just look at it again, please.

Studio | Wednesday, November 9

Week 11

Craft: Collaboration, Divisions of Labor, Project Management

Project Work | Monday, November 14

☛ Examine: The Praxis Network

Visit to the museum | Wednesday, November 16

Week 12

Machines: Minimal Computing, Computing a little

Seminar | Monday, November 28

☛ Examine: A replica of the Turing machine

Studio | Wednesday, December 1

Week 13

Exeunt to the World: Workers of the record, unite!

Seminar | Monday, December 5

☛ Examine: Torn Apart/Separados, SUCHO

Studio | Wednesday, December 7

The Final Week

Curtains: Nerves, Celebration and Joy

[Location TBD]

On the final week we will simply celebrate each other’s works and camaraderie. Stay tuned for next semester’s Introduction to Digital Humanities II: Algorithmic Approaches to Corpora.